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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This morning I found myself staring at a blank computer screen, pondering what topic to tackle for my first Ignite4Good blog. I asked myself the question, why am I doing this? What benefits are there for starting a blog? At first thought, it would be an excellent communication tool to market my new business. Communication platforms are undoubtedly different since my first gig 26 years ago; after all, the internet just opened, for goodness sake! This marketing tool, though essential, isn't enough to propel my new undertaking.

I then circled back to my initial question of WHY? The answer was simple; I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR, and WHY NOT? Technology and marketing tools may have transformed, but my entrepreneurial mindset of taking a leap of faith and putting an idea into action hasn't changed.

As I set out to guide non-profits and small businesses to ignite meaningful change, an entrepreneurial mindset's importance comes to the forefront. To be successful, I must practice what I preach AND impart these traits upon those I serve. So what are these entrepreneurial attributes I so value? For me, it boils down to six characteristics.

First, it's Genetics

Yes, It's in my blood. I believe there is inherently a genetic component to the entrepreneur mindset. It could be a combination of the genes that make one a leader, a risk-taker, or stem from our parents' entrepreneurial traits. For me, I like to think it is a combination of both elements.

Second, I Think BIG

The ability to think BIG is the magic ingredient. I've lived it! Don't be afraid to dream and envision your ideas' success. Believe you can succeed, and you will. With a strong vision, your passion and enthusiasm will shine through - guaranteed. You will be a magnet to others and on your way!

Third, I am a Self-Starter

The phrase self- starter is common terminology spewed today, especially in job descriptions. This term is about a sufficiently motivated or ambitious person who starts a project, career, or business or pursues further education without others' help. All accurate, however, in my opinion, there's one element missing from this traditional definition. A self-starter must also actively seek out council and advice from experts and those with varying perspectives.

Fourth, I am a Go-Getter

Simply put, a go-getter is a person who works very hard and who wants to succeed. Admittedly, my entrepreneurial mindset does not have much patience for those who lack this mentality. As a go-getter, the ultimate challenge is to motivate others to set goals, maximize their talents, and succeed!

Fifth, I am a Creative

Who doesn't love the term "think outside the box"? As a creative, I am always questioning, and I love exploring numerous possibilities for improving an idea or process. Being an entrepreneur allows my creativity to flourish because I can think, feel, and express myself freely and without judgment.

Sixth, I am Disciplined

Discipline is the glue that binds it all together. Creative ideas and a wowing charisma are not enough; you need the discipline to follow through. This assertion of willpower over desires is also known as self-control. I suspect this may be the genetic differential that gives this "Big-Thinking, Self-Starter, Go-Getter, Creative" the stamina to persevere, withstand hardships, and press forward.

If you've read this far, thank you! Sometimes when you have a blank screen, you need to start writing and let your thoughts flow. As yet another chapter in my life unfolds, one thing stays constant; I AM ENTREPRENEUR. As I prepare to officially launch Ignite4Good, I make the promise to help instill my entrepreneurial mindset in those I serve.

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